Registration will open soon!

Please count on joining us for the 20th edition of the Carlo Aonzo Mandolin Workshop, this year again with Rene Izquierdo as the Assistant Conductor.  

For 2020, the workshop returns to Milwaukee, WI - same great rehearsal rooms and lodging.  Truly a great place on a Great Lake!

The dates are Thursday through Sunday, June 11-14, 2020.

 Is This Workshop for you?

  • We play classical music, including some music written specifically for mandolins

  • This workshop is geared to intermediate and stronger players. If you are at a level lower than intermediate but want to attend, please contact us. It is possible.

  • We keep the workshop small, no more than 42 attendees, so you will get plenty of attention from Carlo

  • The group is very friendly and welcoming, and first timers always enjoy the experience, both musically and personally

  • We distribute sheet music many months in advance and we expect you to prepare it and master it to the best of your ability. This is not a sight reading workshop and is not appropriate for people who want to sight read.

  • The workshop consists of four days of mandolin orchestra rehearsal with 6 actual hours of instruction each day. The last day includes the recital.

The Music  

  • To be Announced.

We can guarantee that the workshop will be very intensive!  We will study all the pieces and play them at an informal recital at the end of the workshop. The recital is open to the public. Please invite your friends.

We understand that some people who want to attend the workshop may not be able to attend on Thursday because of work constraints.  If you are in this situation, please contact us and we'll try to make an arrangement.  However, the workshop fee will remain the same.


Mandocellists and mandolists are especially encouraged to attend.

Please note: music for mandolas is provided in alto clef. Please ask for octave mandolin parts (treble clef) and transposing parts (alto mandola in treble clef) if needed.

Music for mandocello is provided in bass clef, please ask for transposing parts if needed.


Guitars play the mandocello parts transposed to treble clef when there is no specific guitar parts.


As is our tradition, Carlo and Rene will present a concert on Friday night, June 12.  We are still working on details, but you can count on an exciting evening.

We encourage you to join us for the group dinners before the workshop starts and after the recital.


The fee for the workshop is $560 for four days,  24 hours of instruction.  The fee does not include food or housing.

For prior-year attendees who register on or before Dec 31, 2019, the fee will be $520.  

For students under 26, the fee is $250.


After you have successfully registered, you will be assigned to one of two groups - either “Luna” or “Sole”.  

In terms of difficulty, the music is divided equally between the two groups.  For some pieces, the Luna will play the first mandolin part and Sole the second; in other pieces Sole will play first and Luna second.

You will be able to download the music from this website, from a password-protected page. The music is usually available in February.


We often have more than one person from the same city coming to the workshop.  

Sometimes they want to be in the same group, so they can practice together. Sometimes they want to be in a different group, so they can practice together and hear the different parts.  

If you have a preference about being (or not being) in a group with a specific person, please let us know in the comments section when you register, or after the fact via the contact us page.


On a first-come basis, attendees may rent an apartment in the same building as our rehearsals - but ONLY after registering for the workshop.  Attendees may also stay at any number of hotels in downtown Milwaukee, located some two miles away.   See full details in our Lodging section.


We will start the workshop at 9:30am on Thursday June 11, so make sure you're in Milwaukee by then!  

Our recital on Sunday June 14 will be followed by a group dinner.

So, for the full experience, count on arriving in Milwaukee on Wednesday June 10 and leaving Monday June 15.


You are on your own for meals.  However, groups frequently join up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  There are many restaurants within a two-mile area of our rehearsal space.


You will prepare and master the music before the workshop to the best of your ability.  This is not a sight-reading workshop.

You will attend all rehearsals Thursday through Sunday (except Thursday exception as described above).  Any evening activities are optional.