• Mando for Kids training room - Room 520 in Kenilworth
  • CAMW Rehearsal Room - We will be in room 640 in Kenilworth.
  • Sunday's concert will be at 4:00pm at EastCastle Place (2505 E Bradford Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211 - see map below)
  • Entry to the Kenilworth rehearsal building is a little hard to find.  It's an alley on Kenilworth Place, between Urban Outfitters and Neroli Salon, as shown on the photo below.  Walk down the alley to the door by the blue light, where somebody will have to meet you to let you in to the building.  (The people who were hand-scanned last year and can hopefully still let you in this year are Carlo, Rene, Tony Norris, and Fred Pike.)
Alleyway with arrows.JPG
 Go to the door by the blue light

Go to the door by the blue light