Milwaukee is served by General Mitchell International Airport (MKE).  Southwest has direct flights to MKE, and it's served by United, American, and a number of other airlines.

In addition, Milwaukee is relatively close to Chicago - about 90 miles.  You could fly into O'Hare (ORD) or Midway (MDW).  Depending on the time of day, it's an easy 90 minute drive - or a god-awful mess of stop-and-go commuting.  Try for the former.

If you fly in to one of the Chicago airports, you can take a coach bus to downtown Milwaukee.  Departures are relatively frequent.  

Regardless of how you get to Milwaukee, make sure you'll be ready to start by about 9:30am on Thursday June 1.  After our recital on Sunday, we'll have a group dinner.  So, if you want the full experience, count on arriving Wednesday May 31, and leaving Monday June 5.

Airport Transportation

Mitchell Airport has the standard set of car rental agencies, all of which have in-airport counters.

Taxis are available outside Baggage Claim 3.  Expect the cab fare to be $40-50.

Uber and Lyft are available outside Baggage Claim 2

Depending on traffic, the trip via taxi/car/Uber to our rehearsal venue should take about 15-20 minutes.

Public Transportation is available through the Green Line bus, outside Baggage Claim 1.  The bus stop that is at North Ave and Oakland Avenue is about three blocks west of our rehearsal space.  As of April 2017, fares are $2.25 one way; however, with the pre-purchased M-Card, one-way fares are $1.75.   You can buy a one-day or seven-day pass, or simply add cash to the card.  More details about the M-Card here.  

(Note that there are actually a variety of fares available, depending on your age.  Fare details here.)

Check the MKE airport website for the most up-to-date information about ground transportation.